Venta de maquinaria industrialHao Ji Industrial International Co., Ltd, is a leader in the manufacture and sale of high-tech industrial products. Specializing in the production of machinery, equipment and accessories. Their high quality products are diversified in various industrial fields such as: beverages (beer, wines, juices,...), pharmacy, biology, chemistry, food, milk products, etc.. For this we have very different machinery such as: fermenters, multi-effect evaporators, packing, compressors, dryers, filters, sprayers, etc..

Material selection, Welding Technology, control on quality processes, Beautification and Appearance, are carefully planned and strictly controlled.

The products comply with the quality requirements and various inspection standards.

Specialized technology and high-tech equipment are our best guarantee to provide high quality.

Our experience is the foundation for us to provide the most competitive prices and excellent services after sales.

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